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3 1/2 Years Later and Still Having Fun
July 27th 2014
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July 27th 2014

  I haven't posted anything on this blog for quite a while. Why??? Because I'm too busy and loving it.
  I have served papers for everything from foreclosures, divorce and custody papers, to evictions etc..., and even though I am learning as I go, I seem to have a gift for this line of work.
  I guess if you love it, you are good at it or if you are good at it, you love it. It's like the chicken or the egg.
  Some may say you shouldn't love serving papers (bringing bad news to someone) but honestly they will be served anyway and I would rather them be served by me. I am respectful and compassionate and I think that if I were getting served, I would prefer getting served from someone like me.
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